In my treatment room I feel it goes without saying that no facial should be the same for every face. I customize each treatment to the client and the condition of their skin at that given time.


Trinity Facial

The trinity facial is one the most sophisticated treatments on our customized menu.

It is a 3-in-1 treatment combining a mini peel, microdermabrasion, and microcurrent. This power-packed collabo stimulates blood flow and polishes off dead skin, before the microcurrent machine lifts, tightens, and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Microcurrent also has a healing mode to reduce puffiness and minimize hyperpigmentation.This power triad is the holy grail for anti-aging and renewing the skin's vibrancy and tone. All 3 treatments have a special perk, so when combined, it's a 3-pronged power trinity.


Non-Surgical Facelift 

Natalie's Specialty Signature facial

This treatment is the greatest anti-aging facial on the planet! This instant, noninvasive "face-lift" drives in peptides and lipids to stimulate your own miraculous collagen and elastin production. This facial is aided by amino acids to lift, detox, feed, and tighten your beautiful face for immediate results. As your face defies gravity and lifts to the heavens so will your spirit. Young, wild, and free… C'mon, soar, pretty baby!


Add Microdermabrasion additional $30


About Face

Acne Facial

Sometimes we go through changes, stress, or emotional disturbances that leave our skin very upset. Acne or problematic skin can make you want to do an "About Face" and hide away from the rest of the world. In this 90-minute treatment, we put your skin through a cleaning and healing boot camp. Killing bacteria is top priority. With the use of oxygen therapy and high-frequency Bacteria Be Gone, we provide the best acne facial available! Extractions performed with a steady hand will give you the clean slate you need. Finish up by calming the skin, and you will be able to look the world square in the face.

*A course of action consultation will always be given in this facial. You will not go home without a plan!



The Custom Exclusive 

This feel-good facial is just perfect for you if you need to show your face and décolleté a little TLC. This customized 60 minute treatment will cater to the concerns that are currently surfacing. This facial is also chock-full of aromatic deliciousness to take you to your happy place. Skin changes, and it can get quite moody. Sometimes all it needs is a little attention.


Add Microdermabrasion additional $30


Sensitive Skin Facial

You don't have to be bashful when it comes to getting a facial. We have designed a facial specifically for our amazing clients that want to maintain their glorious lashes. So now you don't have to choose between pampering your skin and having beautiful lashes. It makes perfect sense, it’s sort of our thing; Gorgeous lashes AND glowing, dewy skin.




Microdermabrasion Touch-Up

Pop in for a quick microdermabrasion session. Receive a quick cleanse to prep the skin, then leave with your skin moisturized and sun protected after the treatment. This option is great for in between facials. Manage fine lines, pore size and keep fresh skin on the surface in less than 30 minutes without all the fluff. Hey, sometimes being a micromanager could be a good thing.

30 minutes - $85



Implementing diamond tip microdermabrasion with the power punch of a chemical peel will peel back the layers of damage caused by stress, smoking, lifestyle choices and the sun. Surface inconsistencies, fine lines and discoloration get a one-two punch with this treatment. This 30-minute treatment is a quick prepping of the skin along with the dual treatments then you are on your way with sun protection. You will leave here looking brand new and squeaky-clean all within the lunch hour (great for all you powerhouse studio execs out there).

30 minutes - $120





Facial Enhancements:

Permanent makeup-Micro-blading and powder stroke call for details and pricing.

Brow Shaping & Tint

30 minutes - $50-$65

*If interested in waxing services please call for list of prices. All waxing is available. Please feel free to inquire at: (310) 343-5678