Hi, everybody.

Who else is so stoked that we are fully into summer? I am a Winter-born baby, but a child of the sun! This is my absolute favorite time of year.



That being said, I just want to offer up a few summertime skincare products and tips to make this your most magical season yet.

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Let's go.

So I am a firm believer that when the seasons change so should some of your skincare products. It just makes sense. Nothing is static when it comes to skin, day to day weather, environment and internal hormonal fluctuations, and other variants create the ebb and flow in which we abide. We cant expect our skincare to exist on autopilot.

One of my favorite switch-ups is going from a heavy moisturizer to Is Clinical's HYDROCOOL. Its lightweight, has cooling properties and doesn't weigh down your skin. Also, the cooling effect it has aids in recovery and calming of those suffering from rosacea, acne flair ups or generalized inflammation in the skin. So it feels great and light and also soothes simultaneously.


I can't talk about SUMMER without mentioning SUN PROTECTION! It just goes together like syrup and pancakes. Like Sunday and Brunch. Like puppies and cuddling. Like...OK, you get it.

YOU MUST SUN PROTECT! MELANOMA is on the rise and not slowing down anytime soon. Please protect your skin. Your skin is your largest organ and it has to filter EVERYTHING. Everything from pollutants, to environmental exposures, to toxins released from our systems, to poor air quality, to dangerous rays. Help it out by shielding it and reapplying while you're sun worshipping. Your skin will Thank you, I promise.

GET PHYSICAL! My favorite blocks are those that are ZINC and TITANIUM DIOXIDE based. You want the percentages to be between 5-20% Here are a few of my likes.


Its can also be helpful to have a spray mist with you. Sun can be drying, stripping and leave your skin parched and dehydrated. I love Le Mieux's Essence Toner. You can also make one at home. Take some cooled chamomile Tea and leave it overnight with some cucumber slices and a drop or two of lavender or rose absolute and there you go, you have your own toner. You will have to remake often as it won't stay fresh for long.


Also for a little internal attention...You can incorporate more fruits and veggies to fight off the harmful sun rays. The sun has so many healing qualities for mind, body, spirit, however we also need to be eating immunity boosting, free-radical fighting foods to armor us from the inside out. Its always best to shoot for the seasonals. Summer happens to be my favorite for this:





The list goes on and on...


So there you go, just a quick lil blurp to remind you of some options in your skin and health care game. Feel free to message me to order any products or to book your next appointment.

Also, I have started a referral program. Every (3) new clients that book as a result of your referral-you will get a complimentary signature facial. So, "Thank You" in advance for your referrals and getting the word out, and I can't wait to see you on my table again. Happy summering, Loves.

              I Love how SoCal shows off!

              I Love how SoCal shows off!

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                                                        FACE the SUN.