Seasons Change...

Did you just sing that old Expose song in your head? I know you did..."Seasons chaaaange, feelings change..."

As we step into April with summer swiftly approaching, we tend to have big question marks surrounding our skin.

-Why does my skin feel dry and flaky? It’s warming up so why am I dry?

-Why does my skin look dull and lifeless even though I am doing everything I can to bring it back to life?

-Should I be doing treatments now? And if so what treatments?  I feel clueless.

These are very valid questions and they are not exclusive to just you. We all feel that our skin can be tricky from time to time so you’re not alone.

Depending on what region you’re in the temps might be rising slightly, however you’re not completely in the skin clear. Even though it may get more climate-ly pleasing, there could also be a new strain of pollens released as well. Flu season, different pollens, winds, fires, rains all contribute to our skin’s temperamental behavior.

An easy solution for a lot of this issue could be product(s) change. We should all be mindful to have Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall skincare routines and products. Our skin doesn’t stay the same all year long so to best care, treat and prevent our beloved skin, our skincare routine should also adapt to the season.

There are a few products that are amazing staples to keep in your cabinet at all times and a few to sprinkle throughout the season changes, let’s dive in:

A constant is our IsClinical Active serum. It’s great for acne prone or problematic skin types, but also great for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you are bothered by your pore size this also diminishes the look of enlarged pores.



For all the Rosacea sufferers out there, there is help. We have Pro-Heal from IsClinical. This serum bolsters the immune system of your skin by providing antioxidant protection and helps revitalize the life of compromised and aging skin.



And always ALWAYS use sun protection. We offer a few. We have Dr. Stoker brand in a complete physical block that has a gorgeous tint and a broad spectrum protection. We also offer IsClinical Eclipse that is a complete physical block with no tint added. So as far as sun block-we got you…covered  



We also have SkinCeuticals Disco serum for, you guessed it: Discoloration. This product is brand new from SkinCeuticals and we brought it on board for you. You can wear this product AM or PM and it will help fight the effects from the sun. You will want to limit your sun exposure with this product but it is a great product to have in your arsenal for bright radiant skin.

Stay tuned to hear about our new rich and delicious night creams…There is so much good stuff to come.

As always, We here at SkinSacred & Marina View Skincare wish the best for you in beauty, wellness and happiness.

Natalie Bolton, LE.  With Light & Love.

Natalie Bolton, LE.

With Light & Love.