4 New Words For A New Year...

I usually write something on my birthday (New Year's Eve) but I am getting a jump on it as my day is going to be full, so...



Like everyone pretty much around the world gets into a reflective mood this time of year, I do it collectively and singularly as the "last day of the world" happens to also be my birthday. I have always been very reflective and pensive and somewhat superstitious on December 31st. I collectively, with the world, reflect on events from the past year we shared as a community-the good, the awful, and the in betweens that still has us scratching our heads.

I also go introspective within myself-the way anyone might on their birthday. So I feel I get it from all sides. For me the energy is strong on my birthday and I've always chosen to bathe in it and harness it.

This year I came up with 4 WORDS that I want to be my theme for 2018. I have done other ritualistic things for a new year but have never picked words to embody my new year ahead.



Here are my words...

1). UP LEVEL- I WANT EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE TO BE UP LEVELED. This by no means is a visual of me sitting around waiting for total awesomeness to come to me. In fact, the actual defining thought of UP LEVEL means I, in fact, must Level Up. I am raising my own bar. I am redefining my own standard. I want to up level my career, my professionalism, up level the way I love and am loved, up level how I show up, how I am of service to my friends, community and the world. Up level my communication and reactions to upset. Up level my relationship with God and Spirit...I think you get it.

Side note-I heard T.D. Jakes talking about how he met with Oprah for an interview and took her a builder's level. He said he wanted to gift her the level because she inspired him so much. She has mastered herself and her life. He said to her, "You always keep the bubble in the middle". She's on the level.



Not only does she have an impossibly high level that she has made possible, she is able to stay balanced and keep the bubble in the middle. I thought that was a great visual for me to carry with me...an internal level.


2). INCREASE- Quite similar to up level, INCREASE for me is the leaning into abundance on all levels. We are attacked with the idea of lack in all areas of our lives from finance, to health, love, job security, energy, creativity, the list could fill up my entire blog space. So I am choosing to repeat the word INCREASE to myself. This is what I am choosing to put in my head as a conversation. And the opposite, which is lack, I am simply not interested in. I will see increase in everything good and beautiful on my behalf. After all, The Universe is here to support us. The Universe's greatest desire and purpose is to offer us its greatest at all times.



3). INTENTIONAL- This is a challenging one for a "dreamer" such as myself. I'm the person that can find herself coloring and get so taken away with the coloring that 3 hours have gone by and I have been rather 'unproductive'. Yes, I still color, what about it?! :)

Don't get me wrong, exercises such as coloring, painting, journaling, going on walks, staring open-mouthed at a glorious sunset-these things are never a waste of time. In fact, they are soul feeding and DNA reparative. However, someone like me needs to have a plan in place. 

I have given my precious time and energy to events and people throughout my life that were undeserving, unappreciative and have put myself on the back burner to just stay mildly warm. The biggest finger to point is at myself. I allowed the energy drain, I enabled the leaking of my time and resources. And in everything comes valuable lessons if our eyes are opened to them. So I am grateful. But let's be honest, its not a bad thing if I can cut the "learning" time to less than half. :)


Enter the word INTENTIONAL. This word in action can be and is life-changing. Everything we do must be ON PURPOSE. We have goals, markers, desires. Are the ways we are spending our time and energy keeping us on task and on purpose? Asking ourselves this question will really trim the fat and fluff. There is so much power and streamline force that comes with strong intention. We get 1,440 minutes in a day. How will I squeeze every bit of possibility out of those minutes?

girl with bow.jpg

And last and for me probably the most important...

4). SOVEREIGN- I can control nothing in my life if I cannot first supremely control myself. This means that I must remain unshakeable, unwavering, tenacious and in total control of how I show up, speak, respond and exist. Its really a beautiful and extremely powerful notion.

This does not mean I am bull-headed and inflexible. It means that I hold myself to a standard within myself that does not dip or give way to shenanigans. All the mentors I glean from demand that there be a high level of discipline in oneself. This is what I mean. 


I am responsible FOR EVERYTHING in my life. That's it. And I will be the ruler of myself. There's also a royalty and majesty that comes when one is steadfast within themselves and can draw all the information they need internally. I have looked so much and for so long for indicators outside myself. That is not the way. Every answer we need is within us. I know this sounds hippie woo-woo, but it is the absolute truth. It is all within. Even our physical bodies give us indicators, nudges, ticks, alarms. Its on the inside. And if I allow myself to become very acquainted with the sovereignty that dwells within, my external queendom will be far more peaceful, effective and copacetic.


What are your words for 2018? 

If not words what is your theme, your vision? Not just 2018 but for your entire life? How would you like to see your life play out? If you haven't previously created a vision try it. Let yourself explore. 

"Without VISION the people will perish."-Proverbs 29:18

I pray you go into 2018 with great health, energy, vitality, abundance and a vision that will change your life and the lives of the ones you love so dearly.


2018, we are coming for you. 

                                                         Natalie Bolton, LE.