STRESS: Get Out of My HEAD & Don't Touch the HAIR!

So let me start this post by admitting there are a few "selfies" as I am drawing from my own challenges for this blog post. Ok, So now that's out of the way...Let's talk about STRESS.

I am a hippie. For real (insert peace sign emoji here). I rarely wash my hair. I let it dread up and my hairstylist probably thinks I cheat on her because I am so infrequent with my delightful visits to her.



I have gone Vegetarian. I have to closely monitor my thyroid. I have to supplement my adrenals as I have suffered from complete Adrenal shut down in years past. I have been under a lot of stress the last several months, and have been focused on my business ins and outs. This is by no means a sob a matter of fact, this could be everyone on any given day. I am merely setting the stage for you.

So about 3 weeks ago I started noticing hair on my car seat. When I got up some of my hair didn't go with me. I would be at the gym putting my hair up in a top knot and a small little collection would stay in my hands. I thought it was odd. And I would find a small few hairs on my bathroom floor (more than what's ever been normal).



Let me just disclaim: I am EXTREMELY AWARE OF MY PHYSICALITY. I am very in tune with my body inside and out. I listen to every tic. I notice every nuance and I am in sync so I listen to my body's communication with me.

I knew I had a hair appointment on the books so I thought, "I am going to ask Natalie (my hair dresser donning my same namesake) if she can tell if my hair is thinning or if my hair overall feels thinner just so I can confirm its not just in my head. No pun intended.

Sure enough I walk in. We exchange our love and hugs. She asked me what I wanted to do. I told her I wanted to play with either a really cool blue grey or crazy white blonde. I just wanted a change. She looks at me for a moment then asks, "Hmmm...Do you feel your hair is thinning? Have you noticed your hair falling out more?" My heart sank, but I also felt a little satisfied that it wasn't just my imagination. She confirmed my concern.

She said women that have periods of stress can lose hair. And add vegetarianism and my thyroid to the mix and we have a cocktail for the perfect storm. 

She was unwilling to do the crazy bleaching that would have to be done to do the funky grey or white hot blonde. She didn't feel comfortable. I totally got it and was appreciative of her conservative and protective stance.

Her hair was on point however.

I asked her what she did to her hair and she told me it was "ROSE GOLD"...SOLD! I gave a high five and that's what we started to do. She was going to deposit color vs. stripping, at least for now.

Let me just say I am OBSESSED with this demi (washes out easily)  permanent color. And she also cut it and styled it so I can "fake it 'til I make it"...It will take some time to get back to its normal fullness. So until then we cheat it.

Snapseed-2 (1).jpg
Snapseed (1).jpg
Snapseed-1 (1).jpg


I also have felt lately I needed to increase my vitamin/mineral/supplement intake. That for me is just par for the course with being vegetarian. I have a slight build and don't hold muscle easily so it is imperative that I get the appropriate iron, B-complex and multi-mineral help.

So if you find yourself in a period of stress or work overload or you have had a recent surgery or just delivered a baby your hair could be thinning and if you've "thought" this could be so it is not your imagination.

I am going to list some supplements that I have recently purchased to assist me in getting back to a strong, protein rich, iron sufficient and B-Vitamin steady. Most often your hair growth and cycle will recalibrate and get back to a normal place of homeostasis. So don't get too overwhelmed by it. Give the cycle 3-6 months.

And let me also encourage you to pick a hairstylist that wants to have a relationship with you. That goes for anyone who offers you a service. Your skin therapist, your massage therapist, healers, doctors, pilates instructor, should feel that you have a symbiotic relationship with this person. They listen to you and understand your goals and challenges and make their professional decisions accordingly.

Natalie has been doing my hair since 2013. She knows my hair, how it feels, how much I have and how it reacts. All these people who have the privilege of working with you-make sure you trust that they care for your best. I was so grateful to Natalie that first of all, she NOTICED my hair dilemma without me even saying anything to her. And she did so within the first minute and a half of me being in front of her without even putting her fingers through it. To me that means she pays attention to me and is also concerned. So, "Thanks Nat!" ...Not to mention, I LOVE the color.

OK, so now for a list of supplements:









A couple of tricks and tips that can also help: Put a drop or two of peppermint oil with a tiny bit of coconut oil or any base oil you have around (Argan oil, Rose Hip, Grapeseed) and give yourself a scalp massage. The peppermint is invigorating and stimulating.

If you've noticed weird hair loss in switching birth control talk to your doctor. That particular pill may not work best for you.

Yoga, bodywork, meditation to alleviate the onset of stress will help overall as well. And cool it on the over bleaching until you get back to a safe point. Deposit awesomeness into your hair. Do a hair mask or a healing scalp therapy. Put in for a while before you start taking away.



Hair growth is cyclical. Life's ebb and flow is also cyclical. Be gentle with yourself and help yourself in all of life's processes by being kind to yourself. You'll get to a state of healing and wholeness far sooner with love than with vinegar. You know the saying, "You get more bees with honey"...Be sweet to yourself.

Happy Holidays to you All. Enjoy your loved one, and take a moment to reflect on every single thing you are grateful for. The blessings, the high points, the struggles and the lessons-they all will soon help in revealing your greatest version. It is so exciting to watch ourselves unfold into a better, new and improved creation and form.

If you would like to check out Natalie's work you can find her on IG: studiotenla 

As always...


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