Battle Tested

This is my first blog entry here at skinsacred. And it seems to only be fitting that I would be talking about women and their strength. Skinsacred which houses my work in the beauty industry be it acne healing, wrinkle diminishing, preventative care etc., skinsacred is also my celebration of the human spirit male and female alike.

But today I want to focus on the women I get to surround myself with in life and on my treatment table. 

I have the beautiful pleasure to be amongst badass women simply by proximity and 'work hazard'. I am inspired by them every. single. day. 

Being in the industry I am in-there is a permeating fog of achievement, stay young, don't dare be less than perfect, and don't even think of letting that under eye wrinkle show lest you be damned by the entire Southern West Coast. Its comical and ridiculous at best and crippling at worst.

My vision for skinsacred is the internal work of the human spirit: The strength, the tenacity, the compassion, the ability to rebound from disappointment and how we move through these spaces in grace and sophistication is my obsession. This process is ultimately reflected externally revealing one's authentic beauty. 

I get to spend time with older, more seasoned women whom I feel honored to glean from their unparalleled experience. I get to love on younger women that are full of fire and focus and frustration and its glorious to watch the unbridled energy morph into laser sharp effectiveness.

I see both sides of the coin. I see the pluses in both. Every part of the women I see has enormous take-aways. 

This idea of "anti-aging" or more accurately, the blocking of the idea of expansion, elevation, experience and growth is so wildly counter-intuitive. We have been programmed to avoid the 'mature' and embrace only the freshness of youth. 

It has always been my mandate to encompass it all...encompass US ALL. 

goetia_girls_sally_tonopah_ufo_girl_succubus_mind_doll_tulpa_alien_coyote_blue_corn_maiden_star_sirius (3).jpg

The bright-eyed ladies of today are and are becoming Battle Ready. Warrior Princesses. Goddesses. Sharpening their minds and hearts as weapons to take on the evils of the world. Its truly inspiring to see women acting on issues that they are passionate about and affecting change for these issues.


The women that come before us are Battle Tested. They are our Warrior High Priestesses, the Divine Mothers. They are conditioned. They have fought the good fights. They have paved the way. They mother us into our power. They give the voice of certainty and steadfastness when we become shaky. They have endured divorce. They have been on the other side of cancer. They have suffered as they have outlived their own children. They have seen women's rights grow, stagnate, and grow again. They have come to the creaky, high-hanging bridge and they've traversed to the other side. These women are proven, tried and true. They are BATTLE TESTED.


So what's in the phrase "anti-aging"anyway? I reflect on this as I have been guilty of the old anti-aging hash tag myself. And as I think about it...I don't even believe in such a thing (my clients would even tell you so). But by operating on auto-pilot I have myself used that tag simply to get people who are interested to check out my thoughts on products and beauty.

Anti-aging is a diss, or fear really, of the most beautiful natural process of life. In fact is is the very thing that is LIFE. 







Loving deeper.

These are the very opposite things of what anti-aging would be. So the problem is that we embrace, with fear, the very thing or taboo idea we should actually be so grateful for. By resisting the unfolding of our lives we block and shut out and refuse the very things that make our lives fulfilling.

I've said it in writing before, we must embrace beauty in complete acceptance, gratitude and in power. There's no value in coming at beauty from a place of fear or resistance or from a sense of lack.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, meaning: When we focus on all the beautiful things that we can feel in our hearts, the visual confirmations that make our lives full, the silent successes we can hold close to our chests-WE ALREADY HAVE THE BEAUTY INSIDE US. IT ALREADY EXISTS. THERE IS NO ENHANCING.

There is no magic cream. potion, or spackle that can heal our internal health or sickness. We must celebrate our own process. And as I close I just want to give a super enthusiastic, "BIG UPS!" to all my BATTLE TESTED WOMEN who inspire me everyday, and say "Thank You" for setting the example. 

And to my BATTLE READY WOMEN, we are all in this together. May you never feel alone. May the twinge of fear, inadequacy or scarcity never permeate so deep that you actually believe it to be true for one second. You are in your conditioning phase. You are molding in and taking shape. It is a glorious place to be. 

To ALL the amazing humans out there, May we always move in Grace and Lead with LOVE.



*All images are from the internet (Pinterest) *Image of Lauren Hutton via Ranker *models unknown except for Annika von Holdt