"As within, so without"...And what that ancient quote has to do with PCOS and your SKIN!

So, if you saw my IG post a few days back @skinsacredbynataliebolton you saw my beautiful client, our funny video and her horrifying before pics.


I am obsessed with research. I have for a very long time believed that our bodies and our system communicates with and to us in such a Divine and intelligent manner. Our job is to learn the way it communicates and learn to speak its language.

Her acne was so acute and looked different than your basic "acne"...I spent so much time trying to decipher its cause as I knew it was something that had gone very wrong...on the inside.

Then, suddenly so many other clients started coming to me with the same skin. It quickly became an epidemic. There was a root cause, therefore there had to be a solution as well.

I. Was. On. A. Mission.


I was seeing a running theme on my treatment table.

Clients would come in for the first time having read my YELP! reviews on the Beauty Boutique LA Yelp page or the Skin Sacred by Natalie Bolton Yelp page, hoping that since I have helped others I can possibly help them with their skin.


I  had new clients walk in and fall on my table completely drained of all hope and exacerbated from the long ongoing battle with their “acneic” skin. I have also had clients burst into tears from the emotional toll their problematic skin has had on them.

Skin problems are no joke. Not feeling able to step into the world “face forward” can really hinder a healthy mindset.

I am a lover. I feel the pain of my clients. I want to alleviate their pain and soothe their heartache with solutions. But I am not a god and I don’t have all the answers.

But what I have done is paid attention. I see similar running chords emerge from the abstract and then I research.

The beauty of such intelligent design in our bodies, skin, organs, and hearts is that alarms will sound if any alignment is off.

Your knee will tell you it’s in pain if you went too HAM on your leg workout.

Your kidneys will ache if you haven’t been drinking enough water.

Your heart will break and you will feel anxiety if you remain in that relationship that is no longer serving you.

And your skin will throw a temper tantrum if something internally is going on that is not working for the overall thriving of your body. We tend to forget that our skin is our largest organ. OUR SKIN PROCESSES EVERYTHING. So if it gets moody, THERE IS A REASON.

Back to my treatment table and my frustrated clients.

I started to realize some similarities. These particular clients presented bizarre “acne” blemishes. Not your normal individual that comes in for a generic “deep cleansing facial”. Yet, at the same time this breakout wasn’t really “ACNE”.

Some of these clients had some excess facial hair. Some didn’t. Some had divulged a thyroid issue. Some not.

I started diving deeper.

I started supplementing my clients with different minerals and body boosting nutrients.

When it continued beyond my scope, I referred them to have blood work done with my registered Dietitian. This particular expert infuses Eastern and Western philosophies into her practice. My belief system in healing is in alignment with hers, and I feel that is very important when I am placing my clients in the hands of another health professional.

From my research I was under the impression that these clients might be “high androgen”, “high Testosterone”, or an undetected Thyroid issue.

Sure enough-blood work would return high this, low that, elevated this, under-active that.

So this text exchange came from a newer client who also fell on my table overwhelmed with her skin struggles.



I thought she would be a perfect fit to see my dietitian. She had all her levels checked, and there were a lot of things off internally. She hadn’t had her period in over 5 months, and her skin was telling us that something was definitely amiss.

The dietician supplemented her with the appropriate endocrine support. Not only did she start her period again after 5 months of her body not functioning properly, her skin is clearing. She started her period literally after only a week of internal treatment. It has taken some time for her whole “house” to recalibrate, but it is recalibrating for the good, nonetheless.

I have included a link to the Wikipedia definition for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome here. Your own personal research can start here.


And the purpose of this blog was to replenish you with a little encouragement if you have lost all hope in regard to your skin. If something is happening or going on we just need to learn how to understand your skin’s language.

And if you have PCOS, there are ways to treat and alleviate these annoying symptoms to a degree.

And always remember, feel free to email me at: info@skinsacred.com in the "contact" tab if you want to talk or have questions. I can treat your skin and also point you in other health directions as well.

For booking or consultation: (310) 343-5678

And please pass this information on to anyone who you know that is so desperately suffering from problematic skin. You may just lead them down the road to healing.

I believe we are not meant to do life alone. I don’t claim to have all the cures or the answers; this is why I have a broad network that supports and enhances the whole body. Because when your body is happy your skin will reflect accordingly.


Please know THERE IS HOPE!

                                                     ALL my LOVE,


                                             Natalie Bolton, L.E. and Master Skin Therapist