Thankful. What does that look like?

So I think by now have all heard the quote or seen the meme below. 

I want to take us on a quick gratitude journey back in time as the season is fitted for such a thing.


We as humans have the tendency to trudge on in a perpetual state of hyper-focused, anxiety laden "to-do's", accomplishments, and the desire to get to the apex that reveals our "arrival". All this turmoil is usually absent of reflection. Maybe it is a survival skill of millenia that has kept us thriving as a race? I think we are short-siding our benefits by NOT going back and looking at our life. 


Our Journey.

The struggles.


Remembering the times we were fervently crying out for direction? Or the times we felt so hopeless because we couldn't step into our purpose because there were no signs pointing us in the right direction? Remember the time you had to choose to buy dog food for your pet over buying your dinner for that night? Think on these things. Hold a space for gratitude. These are the threads in our lives that weave the most beautiful tapestry that is our LIFE.

We are here. We made it to this point. Those things we ached for-we either got them or there was a lesson learned, but we survived it and I know we are stronger for it.

This is what I want to make my "Thanksgiving" season about. Taking the time to honor my spaces of disappointment, struggle, conflict, heartache, confusion, and painful personal growth. I'm on the other side. I survived. I probably even learned a lot about myself in the process-good, bad, ugly, undesirable and downright gorgeous. 

LIFE is messy. Life is not linear. Life is not easy. But I can say, "Wow! That thing...It is here now. Thank you."

And we will encounter times of trouble and hardship on some level again. Be it financial, relational, emotional or we lose our passion and our drive becomes stale-we will surely hit a rough patch again. However, it's these moments of gratitude that can carry us over the next bridge suspended over dark waters.

I hope that if you are in the difficult space even now that you are able to remember a time you overcame. It can be the window you need to look through to see that the sun is actually shining. The warmth is out there. 

Another great way to feel gratitude is beautifully and succinctly delivered in this quote by the late Audrey Hepburn, "As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others."


There is no quicker, more powerful way to step into a grateful and thankful heart than the action of immersing yourself in helping someone else. It is a beautifully designed phenomenon. When you give of yourself to another-your spirit elevates. Being of service is one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves. 


So I leave you with these thoughts today as we move into the holiday.

Look back.

Pat yourself on the back.

Thank the heavens above for guiding you.

Thank yourself for the grit it took to fight and for listening to your intuition for guidance.

That gratitude will lead to much more opportunities to see reasons and evidence of other miracles that have taken place in your life.

Besides...Gratitude in our hearts is the greatest wrinkle-fighter ever.

As always much Love and Gratitude to you,


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