Hey, I'm Natalie Bolton, the creator of skinsacred. Thanks for visiting and exploring the site! I feel fortunate to do what I love everyday. And I continue to dive deeper into my practice always finding out more and more amazing facts about skin, our body's ability to restore itself and that age is...nothing really. If you are nurturing your spirit and staying evergreen what  is reflected is your radiance. We are all beautiful creatures and I look forward to experiencing your beauty first hand...on my treatment table. I believe the first step in being your most beautiful is summed up in this quote, "If you say only one prayer in a day, make it 'Thank You.'"-Rumi

Gratitude is always the best foundation. Find gratitude in all that is...sacred.


My Story/My Thoughts


I have always been a curious little bugger. Annoying my family with incessant questioning, I always wanted to learn more. I was fortunate enough to start traveling the world as an adolescent serving the underserved. During this time I experienced different cultures, languages, fauna & flora, colors and scents (I still vividly remember what Costa Rica smells like right before a rain or the smell of the crowded concrete streets of China). These experiences unbeknownst to me started my love affair with alchemy, fragrance, emotion and healing. I was constructed with a heart that is designed to give back, and my curious mind loves to rebel and alchemize the unalchemizable and mix the unmixable. And that inquisitive mind lead me to skincare, healing and eliminating skin issues, helping women embrace their own beauty and teach them how to be their greatest advocate. I have always wondered how all the dots in my life would be connected and here we are. I am a lover of the world and the people in it always looking for an opening to be of service. I am a skin therapist who uses integrative therapies and the cleanest ingredients available. My intention is that each client I lay my hands on and who spends time in my sanctuary leaves uplifted and inspired by their own beauty; inspired by their own possibilities. And being the creator of Corpus Dei perfumes, I seize the scents of the earth and marry them to an emotion. So be it traveling the globe as if its my playground or blending a fragrance for a client or lastly, helping a patient find freedom by eradicating their unsightly acne I have to say that all these dots have created quite the kaleidoscope which I call my life. These things are what make up my very full life, and I am happy to share it with you.


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